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Four Easy Steps to Bagging Beetles with Bona Fide Bug Traps! HOT

During his tenure at Yew Chung International School, Dr. Wickham has shared his passion for insects through both hands-on demonstrations and interactive experiments, some of which you can even conduct at home with your own children. The easiest and least ...... Read More>>

The 3 Best Chinese Cultural Sites in Beijing You’ve Never Visited HOT


Children in YCIS Beijing Primary School have the opportunity to explore Beijing with their teachers, discovering different aspects of traditional Chinese culture through field trips to cultural sites around Beijing that align with what they’re studying in ...... Read More>>

Beautiful Blossoms: 14 Spots for Spring Flowers in Beijing HOT

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Spring is finally here in the capital, and Beijing's many flower gardens are beginning to bloom. From the apricot blossoms at the Temple of Heaven to the pear blossoms of Panggezhuang, here are 14 beautiful spots for spring flowers in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Golden Week Day Trip Tips: Tianjin HOT

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If you are opting to stay at home for National Week, Tianjin may be the perfect day-trip to get out of the city and clear your head. Here are our suggestions for a perfect city break in Tianjin. ... Read More>>

Extreme Beijing: Updated Bungee Jumping in the Capital HOT

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Is bungee jumping something extreme you have always wanted to do? Now there are no more excuses as we have laid out three of Beijing’s best bungee jumping facilities for you to choose from. ... Read More>>

No More Empty Nest Syndrome: Olympic Stadium Hosts Winter Events HOT

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This winter Beijing’s Bird’s Nest will be playing host to a high stakes snowboarding competition and will be transformed into a Disney princess snow castle among other highlights in what is, to date, the most active month for the venue.... Read More>>

With the Wind in Your Hair: Top 5 Places to Run in Beijing HOT

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With the cold winter on the horizon, now is as good a time as any to get outside and run in Beijing. Here are five places in Beijing where running is a pleasant (well…less unpleasant) experience. ... Read More>>

All Aboard! Great Places to Go Boating in Beijing HOT

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Beijing surprisingly has its fair share of boating opportunities. Whether it’s a trip down the canals or a relaxing row in a lake, we make sure your needs are fulfilled with our guide to the best spots for boating in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Into the Wild: The Best Spots for Camping in Beijing HOT

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Ever dream of sleeping under the stars somewhere in the outskirts of Beijing? It doesn’t have to be a dream. This article outlines five of the best spots for camping in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Beijing Bars with a View: 6 Rooftop Bars in the Gulou Area HOT

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You either love or hate Beijing’s sweaty summer heat, but one aspect of summer that everyone enjoys is lounging on a rooftop bar in Beijing’s historic Gulou area while sipping on an ice cold beer or cocktail—just make sure to bring some mozzy spray! ... Read More>>

Taking a Splash with Style: The Best Water Parks in Beijing HOT

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Like almost any city in China during the summer, the heat in Beijing is pretty relentless. It’s best to embrace it however; and there’s no better way to do it than taking a splash in one of the city’s many water parks. ... Read More>>

Going Up! The Best Places for Rock Climbing in Beijing HOT

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Beijing has an array of extreme sports you can try at your hand at, one of these is rock climbing. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned climber, Beijing has a whole host of indoor and outdoor rock climbing areas to try. ... Read More>>

Run to the Hills! The Best Spots for Hiking in Beijing HOT

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Unbeknownst to some, Beijing’s surrounding landscape is dramatic and stunning, and for many hikers, a true paradise. Fancy breathing some fresh air for a change? Why not take a look through our guide to the best spots for hiking in Beijing. ... Read More>>

Where to Go Strawberry Picking in Beijing HOT

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As the winter winds gradually disappear and temperatures begin to rise into double digits, there’s simply no better time to head to Beijing’s outskirts for some strawberry picking. From now until the end of May, strawberry fans can grab a basket and pick ...... Read More>>

Embrace the Winter: The Best Ski Resorts in Beijing HOT

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Every year, when a whole load of fluffy snowflakes fall in Beijing, the city turns into a winter wonderland – for about an hour. Then, it all turns to brown, slippery slush or a compressed sheet of ice with the sole purpose of slipping you up. Only ...... Read More>>

Autumn Awesomeness: The Best Spots for Viewing Fall Foliage in Beijing HOT

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No one doubts that autumn is Beijing's best season. The leaves turn beautiful shades of orange and red and the autumn air is fresh (relatively speaking) with a subtle crispness, hinting at the fast approach of the winter season. If you're looking to get out ...... Read More>>

Beijing's Most Pleasant and Scenic Cycle Routes HOT


9 million bicycles in Beijing sung in the lulling tones of Katie Melua, and the Chinese independent film Beijing Bicycle, a touching -at times heart-breaking- movie charting the hardships of a Beijing courier, are just some of the associations between ...... Read More>>

Bigger is Better: Discover Beijing’s Future Subway Lines HOT


Beijing traffic may get hostile on the surface sometimes, but deep down there's a subway system that always loves us, and it's one of the cheapest and most convenient in the world. You can hardly toss a cat without hitting one of the 192 stations in ...... Read More>>

Not Again! How to Avoid (and Report) Shady Taxi Drivers in Beijing HOT

Yet again a taxi driver takes the longer way to your house; yet again the fruit seller charges you 10 RMB extra for those bananas; yet again you pay 100 RMB more for that skirt you were looking at the other day. It seems that for anyone living in Beijing as ...... Read More>>

Finding Your Way Around Beijing Using Public Transportation HOT

Whether you are just visiting Beijing for a few days, or Beijing is your “laojia” (old home), it is of the utmost importance that you know how to get around the city quickly and cheaply. While you could take a cab from point A to B every time, this gets ...... Read More>>

Your Ideal Escape from Beijing: Cuandixia HOT

Living in Beijing can get a bit much at times. Maybe it's the traffic jams that get to you, maybe it's the crowds; but no matter the cause, the cure is the same; head for the mountains! ... Read More>>

Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Jinshanling to Simatai Great Wall Trek HOT

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If you are tired of the maddening hordes of tourists on the most popular stretches of the Great Wall like Badaling or Juyonguan, then maybe it is time to try out some less crowded alternatives. The mountains surrounding our fair city of Beijing contain a ...... Read More>>

Haunted Beijing: the City’s Spookiest Sites HOT

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Do you believe in Ghosts? Believer or not, Beijing has some spooky places that are thought to be haunted and taunted by the remnants of the past. In a city with a vicious past, it’s no wonder that daunting ghouls of events from ancient regimes are still ...... Read More>>

History’s Modern Society: Beyond the Walls of Ancient Dashilan Hutong HOT

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Venturing through a Chinese Hutong is an incredible experience, not only because it is completely different from western civilisation but because it is a piece of ancient history that is soon to be non-existent. There are very few traditional housing ...... Read More>>

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